Signal-based Monitoring Products

Available monitoring products

Conceptual offering

  • Via as-a-Service concept
  • In-season delivery and updated monthly with corresponding GSAA data
  • Product properties evolved from Sen4CAP basis
  • Full-country Beta operations in Austria in 2020 and 2021, 2022 already started
  • Quality report for each product
  • Relevant meta data such as signals
  • Database access as well as visualization in GUI
  • VHR integration ongoing

Product portfolio

  • Variable grouping in between deliveries
  • Increasing performance over the season
  • No overfitting
  • >90% overall accuracy with more than 60 classes
  • Based on S-1 and S-2 markers
  • Harvest for > 98% of parcels detected
  • In-situ validation ongoing
  • Over 1 million parcels monitored
  • Detected per grassland type
  • In-situ validation ongoing
  • Identifies bare soil exposure and crop/plant cover periods
  • In-house development
  • Based on topological models
  • >85% accuracy


Working on new product implementations according to the new IACS regulations:

Presence of ineligible area, in particular due to permanent structures – Monitoring of changes of soil sealing due to substitution of original (semi-) natural land cover with artificial, often impervious cover

Change in the category of agricultural area – Monitoring of changes between arable land, permanent crops, and permanent grassland

Presence of non-homogenous land use – Provide homogeneity indicators for given field geometries accompanied by metadata to support traceability