Inclusive services and collaborative, multiplayer business concepts along the value chain
are the central ambitions of the project.

Suppliers of managed service components, data, and tools / Apps throughout the value chain are encouraged to promote their offerings together with subscription plans on the marketplace and set-up their commercial business relations there. 

Various mechanisms for onboarding Paying Agencies and suppliers are under implementation establishing a collaborative ambiente, still respecting applicable competition and public procurement rules.

At the current beta stage, the collaboration comprises the following stakeholders and their complementary roles:

Agrar Markt Austria, Paying Agency; CAP strategic plan; IACS operator

National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania. CAP strategic plan; IACS operator

Earth & Life Institute – Université catholique de Louvain; algorithms for CAP monitoring (e.g. Sen4CAP)

Centre wallon de Recherches agronomiques; consultant to Paying Agency; farming advisor 

GeoVille Information Systems and Data Processing GmbH; provider of DaaS;  EO data processing

EOX IT Services GmbH; provider of marketplace and workspace services; widgets and Apps (SaaS)

KappaZeta Ltd, provider of DaaS;  Sentinel-1 data processing

EOfarm P.C.; contractor to Greek Paying Agency; consultant GIS and Open Source Software

Geocledian GmbH; consultant to Paying Agency; farming advisor; provider of data processors

Planet Labs Germany GmbH; commercial EO satellite operator; provider of DaaS

Earth Observation Data Centre; cloud and processing infrastructure (IaaS); Copernicus data archive

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